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Every person is unique, so we like to find the right Psychologist for you and your needs.

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  • Cate Ballantyne cropped

    Catherine Credland-Ballantyne

    Areas of Interest: Trauma Anxiety Positive Psychology Cate is a Registered Psychologist. She completed her….

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  • Jemima photo cropped

    Jemima Nowosad

    Areas of Interest: Trauma Anxiety Cultural Adjustment Jemima is an Argentina-born, Australian-raised bilingual (Spanish) Registered….

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  • Nicola photo

    Nicola Phoenix

    Areas of Interest: Womens Health PND Anxiety Nicola graduated from the University of East London….

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  • Soraya Alt photo crop

    Soraya Motala

    Areas of Interest: Anxiety Depression Relationship Issues Soraya is a registered Psychologist. She completed her….

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  • Dominika crop

    Dominika Ludvik

    Areas of Interest: Anxiety OCD Relationship Issues Dominika is currently practicing as a registered Psychologist…..

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  • Emmie photo cropped

    Emmie Nuku

    Areas of Interest: Children and Adolescents Complex Trauma Behaviour Issues Emmie is a generally registered….

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  • Sarah-Jane photo

    Sarah-Jane Middleton

    Areas of Interest Anxiety Depression Resilience Sarah is a Registered Psychologist who completed her Bachelor….

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  • laura

    Laura Uhlmann

    Areas of Interest Anxiety Body Image Depression Laura is a registered Psychologist, who completed undergraduate….

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  • annmarie

    Ann-Maree Bennett

    Areas of Interest: • Trauma • Drug & Alcohol Problems • Depression & Anxiety Ann-Maree is a….

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  • michael

    Michael Grace

    Michael Grace (Director) B.A. (Hons) M.Clin.Psych. MAPS, MBPS, C.Clin. C.Psycol. -Member of Australian Psychological Society….

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  • harry

    Harry Theodore

    Areas of Interest • Older Persons Mental Health • Trauma • Grief & Loss • Men’s Issues Harry Theodore….

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  • julie

    Julie Henry

    Areas of Interest: • Infants & Children • Behavioural Issues • 1-2-3 Magic & Triple P Parenting • APS….

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  • Amira photo

    Amira Bergman

    Areas of Interest: Cross cultural psychology Complex presentations Suicide prevention Relationships Amira is an Australian….

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  • IMG_0626 (002)

    Victoria Simpkins

    Areas of Interest: • Works with Adults & Older Persons • Trauma • Grief & Loss • Complex Mental….

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  • iStock_000013078634Medium

    Dr Dee Bartrum

    Areas of Interest: • Children • Adolescents • Families Dee is a Clinical Psychologist who completed….

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  • iStock_000013078634Medium

    Lauren Hudson

    Areas of Interest: Mood and anxiety management Pain management Relationship Issues  Domestic Violence Counselling Lauren….

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  • mikako

    Mikako Naito

    Areas of Interest: • Mindfulness • Individuals & Couples • Fluent in English & Japanese Mikako is….

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