Support can be provided to Teenagers in a variety of ways, depending on the presenting issues and needs of the individual. The most important element to supporting our adolescent clients is developing a strong therapeutic relationship. It is through this relationship that we can support young people to make changes in their daily lives.

Issues such as Depression, Anxiety, Self-harm, School Stress and Family conflict are common among adolescents and need to be treated with care. School and family environments can be quite stressful and alienating. 

Our focus is to highlight what’s “normal” to both Families and the Teenagers themselves… but also to encourage healthy lifestyle choices.

Adolescence is a challenging time of transition and a time when tensions can run high and both stress conflict appear around every corner. For this reason, we can also offer family intervention and support when needed, with a goal to improve the communication and overall functioning of the family. Keep in mind that Teenagers are entitled to their privacy and so information shared in session is not released to family without the client’s knowledge unless it is an emergency situation.

Our Psychologists are passionate about making each client feel safe and supported, with a focus on honesty and trust.

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