Assessments & Reports

Do you want to understand yours or your child’s strengths and difficulties in a certain area?

Whether it be learning, behaviour, adaptive functioning, personality, or other area, we have a suite of psychological assessments that can help you make sense of what is happening and provide recommendations on how to move forward based on what we uncover.

We can provide a range of assessments and reports


Behavioural Assessments

These may involve observations and monitoring of behaviours. Observations can be performed in the Psychologists’ office, at home, work, school or hospital. Self -observations and questionaires may also be used. These enable the Psychologist to evaluate behaviours and tailor interventions for more positive results. These sorts of assessments are often requested by parents, schools and employers and can help diagnose Autism and other behavioural disorders.


Intelligence Assessments

These take the form of extensive testing in various areas to calculate an Intelligence Quotient (IQ). An IQ assessment gives an indication of current performance in areas considered important components of general intelligence. While intelligence isn’t all about being good at maths or spelling this assessment can help someone understand the strengths and difficulties in their thinking skills. We use the WAIS –IV (Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale – Fourth Edition) for clients 16+yrs and the WISC – IV (Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children – Fourth Edition) for clients under 16yrs. These usually take approximately 2 hours to administer and are often used to support a doctors’ diagnosis and treatment. IQ assessments for students can support school -based interventions and funding.


Neuropsychological Assessments

This involves a clinical interview and is often used to determine the area and scope of brain injury after an accident or stroke. It can be a lengthy assessment or series of assessments to investigate not only a persons’ intelligence but also a complete inventory of their cognitive strengths and weaknesses.


Personality Assesments

This type assessment involves objective and projective tests and is designed to understand a person’s complex genetic, enviromental and social components of their personality. Psychologists often use personality assessments to better understand their clients in order to tailor their therapeutic approach to help their client.

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Medico-Legal Reports

A medico-legal report is a form of communication between a health practitioner and the legal system. Medico-legal reports are based upon expert opinion and require your psychologist to have a developed knowledge of you. Reports may be available to existing clients under certain circumstances. Please contact your treating psychologist to enquire.


NDIS and Agency Reports

Your psychologist is able to support your application and connection with government agencies including the NDIS.

Our assessment & report process...

Clinical Interview

Initially, a clinical interview is arranged to allow the Psychologist to gather background information, understand the reason for the assessment and ascertain the most suitable types of assessments and tests to conduct. This enables reporting to specifically address the key questions and concerns.


Custom Quotation

At this point we can provide a more acurate quotation for the assessment and report which is tailored to your specific needs. Payment can be made up front or we can arrange a payment plan. Payments can be made in 2 installements (50% upon booking of the formal assessment and testing and 50% at the feedback session) or in multiple installments as each assessment or test is conducted with final payment required prior to production and release of the report.


Formal Assessment & Testing

Once the quotation is accepted by the client, and any third party funding is approved, an appointment will be made for the formal assessment and testing. This may take anywhere from 1-5 hours depending on the assessment and may be broken up into shorter appointments as needed. Clients will be asked to perform a series of tasks, puzzles and/or complete questionnaires as required to help us get a better understanding of the client strenghts and difficulties.


Scoring & Reporting

The Psychologist then scores the test/s, collates the information, and produces a report. This may take up to 2 weeks.


Feedback & Planning

A feedback and planning appointment is made where the psychologist can meet with the client and parents, carers or other stakeholders as needed to explain the results and findings of the assessment. They will discuss any possible diagnosis and/or conclusions the psychologist came to. The psychologist will also make recommendations for any beneficial treatments or next steps and can help plan further support for the client.