No two families, and no two children, are exactly alike and managing the personalities and temperaments of little people can be a challenge for every parent.  Living Well Psychology’s child psychologists have many years experience helping parents find new and more effective ways to meet the ever present challenges of parenting.

We start with a parent interview to gain a detailed understanding of the problems, the overall family situation, the families’ current strategies and the child’s individual personality and temperament so we can tailor a program to suit your family.

We often contact your childs’ teacher and may even visit the school to observe your child in that environment or attend meetings to discuss the best ways to support your child.

We have psychologists trained in both 1-2-3 Magic and Triple P Positive Parenting programs allowing families to choose a system that they feel will match their needs best.

1-2-3 Magic

The 1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching program aims to teach parents how to deal with their children’s difficult behaviour by using an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use signalling system to manage children’s difficult behaviour. The signalling system requires the parent to use less talk and less emotion, which in turn encourages the development of children’s ability to manage their emotional reactions to parental boundaries (or emotional competency). The two main aims of the program are to increase children’s ability to self manage, and to provide parents with skills to take action in difficult-to-manage parenting situations. such as aggression or oppositional behaviour.

Triple P

Triple P gives parents simple and practical strategies to help them confidently manage their children’s behaviour, prevent problems developing and build strong, healthy relationships. Through its active skills training, Triple P can be equally helpful for parents needing to address just one or two specific concern/s about their child’s behaviour or development, and for those families who require more intensive assistance to deal with severe behaviour problems such as aggression or oppositional behaviour.

We can help with...

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Behavioural Problems
  • Eating Problems
  • Sleeping Problems
  • Parent Separation
  • Grief & Loss
  • Coping with Change
  • School Bullying

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