Assessments & Reports

Psychological assessments give insight into our strengths and difficulties 

We have a suite of psychological assessments that can help make sense of what is happening for a person around learning, behaviour, adaptive functioning and personality. 

We then provide recommendations on how to move forward based on what we discover.

We provide a range of psychological assessments and reports


Behavioural Assessments

We conduct comprehensive psychological assessments that encompass behavioural evaluations through observations, questionnaires, and self-assessments. These multifaceted analyses, carried out in diverse settings, empower our psychologists to understand behavior, enabling us to tailor interventions for positive results. Our assessments are frequently sought by parents, schools, and employers, playing a crucial role in diagnosing conditions like Autism and behavioral disorders.


Intelligence Assessments

Furthermore, our comprehensive psychological assessments encompass IQ testing across various domains, assessing vital aspects of general intelligence. Going beyond math and spelling, this evaluation illuminates cognitive strengths and challenges. For clients aged 16 and above, we employ WAIS-IV; for those under 16, WISC-IV is utilized. With a typical duration of 2 hours, these assessments significantly contribute to diagnoses, treatments, and interventions for students.


Neuropsychological Assessments

This process includes a clinical interview and is frequently employed to ascertain the extent and location of brain injury following an accident or stroke. It can encompass a lengthy assessment or a series of assessments aimed at exploring not only an individual's intelligence but also providing a comprehensive overview of their cognitive strengths and weaknesses.


Personality Assesments

This type of psychological assessment incorporates objective and projective tests, aiming to comprehend an individual's intricate genetic, environmental, and social personality components. Psychologists frequently employ personality assessments to gain deeper insights into their clients, allowing them to customize their therapeutic approach effectively and provide tailored assistance.

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Medico-Legal Reports

Medico-legal reports are a vital communication bridge between a health practitioner and the legal system. Grounded in expert opinions, these reports necessitate your psychologist's in-depth familiarity with your case. In specific situations, such reports might be accessible to current clients. For more details, kindly reach out to your treating psychologist.


NDIS and Agency Reports

In addition, your psychologist possesses the expertise to expedite your application process and establish connections with relevant government agencies, notably the NDIS.

Our Psychological assessments & report process...

Clinical Interview

Initially, we arranged clinical interviews to allow the psychologist to gather background information, understand the reason for the assessment and ascertain the most suitable types of psychological assessments and tests to conduct. This enables reporting to specifically address the key questions and concerns.


Custom Quotation

Moreover, to tailor your specific needs, we can provide a more accurate quotation for the psychological assessment and report. We can arrange a payment plan for you, or you can pay upfront. You can make payments in 2 installments (50% upon booking of the formal assessment and testing and 50% at the feedback session) or in multiple installments as each assessment or test is conducted with final payment required prior to production and release of the report.


Formal Assessment & Testing

Once the client accepts the quotation and the third party approves it, we will then schedule the appointment for the formal psychological assessment and testing. This process may take anywhere from 1 to 5 hours, depending on the assessment, and it may be divided into shorter appointments as needed. To enhance our comprehension of the client’s strengths and difficulties, we will ask the clients to engage in a series of tasks, puzzles, and/or complete questionnaires.


Scoring & Reporting

The Psychologist then scores the test/s, collates the information, and produces a report. This may take up to 2 weeks.


Feedback & Planning

During the psychological assessments, psychologists have the ability to provide feedback and schedule appointments. Additionally, they can meet with the client, parents, caregivers, or other stakeholders as necessary to elucidate the assessment’s results and findings. They will engage in discussions about potential diagnoses and conclusions reached by the psychologist. Furthermore, the psychologist will formulate recommendations for advantageous treatments or subsequent actions, and assist in devising additional support strategies for the client.