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Living Well

How can I make the best use of therapy?

For Therapy to work it must be a priority for you

Therapy can be hard work, but the rewards are worth it. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your therapy:

Take responsibility for your learning; don’t lose sight of what you want to get out of therapy. Use your Psychologists as a coach, guide and consultant.

Don’t expect your Psychologist to tell you what to do. You and your psychologists are partners in your recovery.

Your Psychologist can guide you and make suggestions about treatment, but only you can make the changes that you need to move forward.

Make a commitment to yourself and therapy.

Don’t skip sessions unless you absolutely have to. If you find yourself skipping sessions or are reluctant to go ask yourself why.

Are you avoiding painful discussions? The last session touch a nerve? Talk about a reluctance with your Psychologist. Share what you are feeling.

  • You will get the most out of therapy if you are open and honest with your Psychologist about your feelings.
  • If you feel embarrassed or something is too painful to talk about don’t be afraid to tell your Psychologist.
  • At your pace you can work together to resolve issues.
  • Make a commitment to the following:
  • Be determined to communicate with your psychologist openly and honestly especially about the things that you are struggling with.
  • Use what you learn and commit to applying it in your life.
  • Therapy is all about trust. If you are having difficulties with trust then it is important to let your Psychologist know.
  • Follow through on any homework that you have agreed to.
  • Therapy is a business relationship. You are paying for a service. Respect this relationship.

Be committed to attend your scheduled appointments on time.