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Living Well

How will I know if therapy is working?

Growth and change is difficult for everyone and you won’t be a new person overnight. Look for a long-term pattern of growth and change.

For example your overall mood might be improved or you may feel more connected to family and friends. You may deal with a crisis that might have overwhelmed you in the past with much less stress.

You can expect some temporary setbacks which may turn out to be great opportunities for learning.

It can be difficult to challenge yourself and break old entrenched patterns.

There is no smooth or fast road to recovery. Sometimes what seemed like a straightforward problem can turn into a more complicated one.

You are not a failure if you don’t meet your goals within the target number of sessions.

You and your Psychologist should work to re-evaluate goals and progress as necessary along the way.

How successful a psychological therapy will be depends on many factors, including:

  • How complex the condition is.
  • How long the problem has been a part of your life.
  • Your willingness to make changes and face your fears.
  • Who supports you?
  • How often you see your Psychologist