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What if I don’t feel my Psychologist is suitable for me?

You need to feel comfortable talking to your psychologist. If you are finding it hard to make a connection it may affect your ability to reach your goals. If you feel it’s not working for you please try talking to your psychologist first. They will discuss your options with you and may recommend another psychologist who may suit you better.

The goodness of fit between you and your Psychologist is important. Therapy that is caring, challenging and respectful is likely to succeed with perseverance. The therapeutic relationship is a complex one and there are many factors that influence it, including how others have treated you in the past and the way you treat yourself. It is important to try and determine what factors are influencing you. Perhaps it may be something that you need to work through with the psychologist.

Sometimes, despite the best efforts of both parties, a therapeutic relationship is not meeting your needs. It is OK to talk about this with the Psychologist. If it is apparent that your needs require a change your Psychologist will support you exploring what alternatives are available.

Within Living Well Psychology there is a range of caring and experienced Psychologists that may be able to offer you support.

If you are finding it difficult to attend the session, for whatever reason, talk to your Psychologist to try and find ways of supporting you.