Our guide to connecting with a psychologist using telehealth technology.


Some clients are eligible for telehealth consultations under their existing referral programs. Talk to our reception staff to see if you are eligible. The government has also introduced new temporary Medicare telehealth item numbers for all Australians who are not currently being treated in a hospital setting.

Telehealth Therapy is suitable for

  • People home due to Covid-19 or other illness
  • People living in rural and regional areas
  • Parents of young children
  • Shift workers or work long hours
  • Regular travellers
  • People who are unable to find an appropriate therapist in your own area

Online therapy is not appropriate for people who need a high level of care, particularly those who have acute mental health issues and/or are medically compromised. If you are unsure whether telehealth therapy is appropriate for you, please complete our New Client Request Form and we will be in touch to discuss your needs.

How to get the most out of Telehealth

Find a quiet space

Please find a quiet and comfortable space to attend your telehealth appointment without distraction so you can get the most out of your consultation. We understand this may be difficult but it will really help. A bedroom or study with the door closed is ideal. If your home is not private enough for you right now, you could also sit in your car or even go for a walk.


Check your connection

Most clients are finding connection easier via a PC or laptop with a webcam, however you can also connect via your smartphone or tablet too.


Get your Telehealth link

We will send you an sms or email reminder for your appointment along with a link to join your secure telehealth video consultation. If you are unable to access a video consultation, please let us know and your psychologist will call you for a telephone consultation instead.


Be ready early

Please click on the link 10min before your scheduled appointment to ensure you are able to connect and resolve any technical issues prior to your consultation.



If you are experiencing connectivity issues please call reception on 0755992201 and we try to help resolve these.


Rebook or pay online

You can now pay for your consultation or book your next appointment